30th September 2017


Optrical a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced micro-optic films announces that Stephen Dawson has joined them as Chief Executive.

Dr Navin Suyal founder and Chief Technology Officer said “we are delighted to have Stephen on board to lead us building a world class company”

“He brings a wealth of experience in plastic manufacturing, commercialising new technology, and developing and growing international businesses”

Previously Stephen was Chief Executive of Bapco Closures a plastic closure manufacturer that sucessfully grew and commercialised its newly developed technology globally, particularly in the USA. Today Bapco Closures exclusively licenses it\'s BAP® technology to the Aptargroup, Inc who also hold a 20% shareholding in Bapco Closures.

Optrical was founded by Dr Navin Suyal in August 2016. It operates in 2 market sectors:

  • Optical anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions - AuthntraceTM, and
  • Light management films for LED/OLED lighting - IllumaxTM

Stephen commented “I’m really looking forward to working with the talented team at Optrical. We have a tremendous technology and great opportunity to build something special.“

Located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, Rotherham  Optrical is backed by two of the of the UK's major technology specialist VCs - Mercia Technologies and Enterprise Ventures.


For more information contact Stephen Dawson or Dr Navin Suyal at Optrical on +44 (0) 114 3520 777 or email on sdawson@optrical.com or nsuyal@optrical.com.