We are combining our expertise in optics, UV materials, Optical design and advance manufacturing to create some of the most innovative products in industry today. We address some of the key issues in two primary areas; with-

*  AuthntraceTM: Optical anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions-

 Say No to Fakes

 Surely you have heard of Melamine in baby milk? 

Specialised printed features, holograms or diffractive optic features- the main tools to fight against the massive counterfeiting industry today- are no more effective! Optrical is addressing this demand of brand owners by exploiting micro-optic effects which are nearly impossible to duplicate and therefore offer unique potential for anti-counterfeiting of consumer, fashion, electronic and medical goods.

Our Authntrace products are targeted for brand owners as well as major manufacturers and converters of consumer packaging.

We believe that even today\'s unprecedented protection against counterfeiting is not enough. Ever increasing on-line trade on global dimensions means that tracking and tracing of consumer items is the need of the hour today. Optrical is therefore also developing optical cryptography concepts for tracking and tracing to offer a combined authentication, tamper proofing and traceability solutions.

*  IllumaxTM: Light extraction and light management films for LED/OLED lighting

We hear LED lighting is very efficient….. We ask “is it though”?

 Efficient Panel Light

 We think how can the lights be made a lot more efficient? And we aim to disrupt this status quo by offering “Illumax” film products for efficient light extraction as well as the tailoring of light distribution of the luminaire by placing the light where it is needed. 

Our aim is to products optically efficient, aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart light for illuminating your lives- not just homes.

Illumax products are targeted at the lighting OEMs as well as luminaire- and in particular panel- manufacturers.

Our products can be designed in or retrofitted with equal ease and no product re-design is necessary and there are no barrier to the adoption of our technologies.