Solutions For Transforming Brand Protection

Optrical’s optical security labels and packaging materials come from the highest security pedigree of currency industry

Product Authentication

Solutions For Transforming Brand Protection

At Optrical, we provide the technology to help brand owners and OEMs verify the authenticity of branded products. In other words, we help to detect counterfeits. We achieve this through our optical authentication solutions such as tamper evident labels that can be applied directly onto products, carton boxes or primary packaging.

Features and Benefits

AuthNtraceTM Optical Security Device and Features

Visually impactful
Visually impactful, dynamic, and easy to recognise, whilst virtually impossible to copy.

High resolution security layers
An integration of two high resolution security layers; combining micro-optic layer, and micro-printed graphic-indicia, working in consonance provide a dynamic 3D effect in real colour.

Package tampering feature
Proof of package tampering feature, with the latest highly secure tamper evident labels.

Digital track
Works in conjunction with and as a compliment to digital track ‘n’ trace systems through QR codes, barcodes, sequential encoded numbering with cloud enabled mobile device scanning, and central database management.
Cost effective
Cost effective deterrent against counterfeiting and duplication

Our Served Markets

The Markets We Serve

  • Brand Protection

    Optrical’s mission is to help brand owners and OEMs verify the authenticity of branded products

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  • Tax Stamps

    Our impossible to replicate micro-optic technology is of currency pedigree

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  • Government & ID Security

    Unlike Holograms, our 3D and motion features can also be embedded inside documents

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  • Track and Trace

    Optrical is also developing unique cryptography concepts for tracking and tracing

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