Our World Class Infrastructure & Technologies

Our team has an unparalleled expertise in custom highest performance UV materials, coatings, and microstructures. Our technology is built on precision micro-structures tailored by high throughput web-to-web UV replication processes.

Design, Origination & Tooling

Naturally, producing precision micro-optic films requires the creation and optimisation of designs. Our team knows exactly how to convert these designs into a diverse set of complex tooling for all types of applications.

Advanced UV Materials

UV materials, especially those with extreme properties (e.g., ultra-high and ultra-low refractive index), are the basis of our work here at Optrical. The higher the refractive index, the higher the efficiency of our lenses and other optical features. Our unique formulations allow us to create exceptional films containing precision optical micro-structures. The secret is the right chemistry.

R2R Precision Casting

We have developed a tailored, high throughput UV coating/casting technology for replicating precision surface topography of the highest aspect ratio-optical micro-structures onto film surfaces. It’s our formula for cost-effective precision!


Not only do we produce micro-optic films, we also convert them into desired end applications; from LED light panels to anti-counterfeiting labels/tapes for aesthetically designed secure packages.