Optrical Commissions Its First Production Machine

Optrical a leading developer of advanced micro-optic films announced today the commissioning of its first production machine.

Stephen Dawson, Chief Executive of Optrical, said “we are delighted to have successfully installed and commissioned our first wide web-to-web UV coating and embossing production machine.”
“The wide web UV coating and embossing capability of up to 1.1m gives us a significant manufacturing capacity in the UK and the ability to grow our business internationally.”
Dr Navin Suyal Founder and Chief Technology Officer added “we already are really pleased with the machine’s performance and are ready to start manufacturing. Our deep expertise and know how in micro-printed optical structures and custom UV materials has been combined successfully with cost effective, high precision, reel-to-reel manufacturing platform.”
Optrical was founded by Dr Navin Suyal in August 2016. It operates in 2 market sectors:

  • Optical anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions – AuthntraceTM, and
  • Light management films for LED/OLED lighting – IllumaxTM

Located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, Rotherham, Optrical is backed by two of the of the UK’s major technology specialist VCs – Mercia Technologies and Enterprise Ventures.
For more information contact  Dr Navin Suyal at Optrical on +44 (0) 114 3520 777 or email: