Optricial’s AuthntraceTM Anti-Counterfeit Label Chosen By Izon Science

Optrical a leading developer of advanced micro-optic films announced today the commercial
launch of its first AuthntraceTM anti-counterfeit label with Izon Science.

Stephen Dawson, Chief Executive of Optrical, said “we are delighted to have been selected by
Izon Science to develop a unique AuthtraceTM tamper evident label to provide the highest level
of anti-counterfeit protection to their products. Additionally, the colourful labels, with their 3D
lenticular effect, look fantastic and complement and enhance the Izon Science brand.”

Izon Science is the world leading manufacturer of nano-biological separation and
characterisation tools used in primary medical research, and the development of diagnostic
and therapeutic solutions, selling its products throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North

Optrical’s AuthntraceTM labels using micro-optic film technology provide a virtually impossible
to copy, without access to the master, 3D lenticular “flip” effect. So, replacing conventional
holograms that can be replicated relatively easily due to their inherent surface relief features.
Micro optic film technology is used to combat anti-counterfeiting in currency applications such
as the GBP and the USD, but up to now has not been widely available or affordable for consumer

Dr Navin Suyal, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, added, “we are really pleased with the
development of these new AuthntraceTM anti-counterfeit labels. The tamper evident feature
works extremely well, and we see the labels as affordable and relevant across all areas of
consumer packaging where brand protection is required, but particularly applicable to the
pharma and health sectors. Our deep expertise and know how in microprinted optical
structures and custom UV materials has been combined successfully to provide a cost
effective, high performance product.”

Optrical was founded by Dr Navin Suyal in August 2016. It operates in 2 main markets:

• Optical anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions – AuthntraceTM , and
• Light management films for LED lighting – IllumaxTM

Located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre, Rotherham, Optrical is
backed by two of the UK’s major technology specialist VCs – Mercia Technologies and Wren

For more information contact Dr Navin Suyal at Optrical on +44 (0) 114 3520 777 or email on